Truro, located near the tip of Cape Cod, distinguishes itself as the region’s least populous town, boasting approximately 1,200 year-round residents. These fortunate homeowners revel in the ever-changing natural wonders that grace the town, from rugged sandy cliffs overlooking untamed ocean shores to serene kettle ponds, the meandering Pamet and Little Pamet rivers, picturesque salt marshes, and dense oak forests. A significant portion of Truro falls within the boundaries of the Cape Cod National Seashore, encompassing the Highlands Center trail, once the site of the North Truro Air Force Station, and the historic Highland Light Station, known as Cape Cod Light, proudly holding the title of the Cape’s oldest operational lighthouse.

Spanning only a few miles from its eastern Atlantic Ocean shoreline to its western coast on Cape Cod Bay, Truro offers a diverse range of real estate options, including condos and cottages along Shore Road, spacious modern residences, and charming traditional Cape-style homes. The town exudes an atmosphere of relaxed seclusion and rural allure. Yet, it also houses the well-regarded Truro Vineyards and its newly established South Hollow Spirits distillery. In addition, Truro is home to the prestigious Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill and the lively Payomet Performing Arts Center, nestled within the Highlands Center, where audiences can enjoy seasonal live performances featuring nationally recognized talent.


SOURCE: US Census, American Community Survey Program, Estimates for July 2021.

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Discover the allure of Ballston Beach.

Ballston Beach, nestled within the Cape Cod National Seashore, is beautifully positioned along the Atlantic Ocean, offering unobstructed vistas of the open sea. It’s essential to be aware that the beach is managed by the town of Truro, meaning that your National Seashore parking pass won’t be applicable here.

With its pristine white sands, windswept dunes, and secluded setting, Ballston Beach exudes an irresistible charm, while its ever-shifting conditions promise an adventure that will keep you engaged.

Exploring Ballston Beach in depth will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the enchanting experiences it has in store for you during your Cape Cod vacation.

Relax at Head of the Meadow Beach.

Head of the Meadow Beach in Truro, MA, boasts visually stunning views and excellent surf conditions ideal for both surfing and body surfing enthusiasts. With its expansive sandy shores, this beach provides an ideal setting for relaxation and offers ample space for various beach games and activities. Additionally, during certain months, the receding tide leaves behind a spacious and safe tide pool, making it a perfect play area for children. Head of the Meadow Beach offers a picturesque and family-friendly seaside experience for those seeking a mix of coastal beauty and recreational opportunities.

Visit the Highland House Museum.

The Highland House Museum occupies the Highland House, one of Truro’s most renowned landmarks, a seasonal hotel erected on the Highlands in 1907. Situated close to the Highland Light in North Truro, the museum building is a classic example of a turn-of-the-century summer resort hotel.

A visit to the museum provides a fascinating insight into the lives of Truro’s inhabitants and those of the Outer Cape. Its permanent exhibits offer a window into the history of the Indigenous People who resided here for centuries before the arrival of Europeans. Step back in time to an era when local residents dedicated themselves to the salt mill industry, the railroad, and domestic crafts such as weaving and embroidery. The museum also showcases an impressive art collection, reflecting a deep well of talent inspired by the enduring natural beauty of the area.

Take a tour at Highland Lighthouse: Cape Cod’s first lighthouse.

The Highland Lighthouse, situated in North Truro, Massachusetts, falls under the ownership of the National Park Service, being a part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Eastern National, a non-profit partner of the National Park Service, manages guided tours and operates the Highland Light Museum Store. The United States Coast Guard, on the other hand, oversees the operation of the lighthouse itself.

Play golf at Highland Links: One of Cape Cod’s oldest golf courses.

Highland Links stands as one of Cape Cod’s most ancient golf courses and boasts an unparalleled scenic beauty. This golfing treasure is perched atop windswept bluffs, offering breathtaking vistas of the Atlantic Ocean beside the historic Highland Light. Established around 1892-1898, Highland Links has witnessed over a century of golfing history. Yet, what truly distinguishes Highland Links is its profound heritage; it remains an authentic links course, as faithful to the Scottish tradition as any found in the eastern United States. Here, you’ll encounter rugged natural rough, Scotch broom, heath, and awe-inspiring ocean panoramas, creating an experience reminiscent of the Scottish golfing legacy.

Discover the real story about Jenny Lind Tower.

Nestled amidst the North Truro sand dunes, the Jenny Lind Tower has long been a source of intrigue and wonder, leaving many to ponder its unlikely presence in this windswept corner of Cape Cod. Resembling a medieval stone tower, akin to a chessboard’s rook, it rises majestically above the scrub oak landscape of the Outer Cape. Adding to its enigmatic aura, the tower stands in the company of an unconventional radar tower, resembling an upside-down ice cream cone, a feature of the North Truro Air Force Station.

Access to the Jenny Lind Tower is not straightforward; no road or footpath leads directly to it. However, the tower’s silhouette can be admired from the vantage point of the Highland Links golf course.

The Jenny Lind Tower derives its name from the renowned Swedish soprano, Jenny Lind. In 1850, P.T. Barnum brought Lind to the United States for a demanding 15-month concert tour. Lind’s aspiration was to raise sufficient funds to establish free schools throughout Sweden, a noble cause she embraced despite the tour’s exhausting demands.

This tour left an indelible mark on both the United States and Sweden. Lind’s name became associated with baby cribs, cottage furniture, parks, streets, and even a town in California. Remarkably, she fulfilled her dream of supporting free schools in her homeland, Sweden. On the Outer Cape, a couple of enduring legends continue to celebrate her extraordinary legacy.

Enjoy the view at the Pamet River.

The Pamet River, meandering through the picturesque town of Truro, Massachusetts, is a natural treasure that weaves its way through a landscape of rich biodiversity and scenic beauty. Emerging from its source in the lush Pamet Valley, this river gracefully winds its way through salt marshes and woodlands before finally flowing into Cape Cod Bay. Along its course, the Pamet River serves as a vital habitat for a variety of wildlife, including various bird species and aquatic life. It also offers opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to explore its serene waters, whether through kayaking, birdwatching, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll along its tranquil banks. The Pamet River stands as a serene testament to the unspoiled natural beauty of Truro, inviting visitors to connect with the Cape’s unique ecosystem and find solace in its serene waters.

Spend a Saturday at Truro Farmers’ Market.

The Truro Farmers Market is a vibrant epicenter of local commerce and community camaraderie in Truro, Massachusetts. Situated in the heart of this charming Cape Cod town, the market springs to life every summer, showcasing an enticing array of fresh, locally grown produce, exquisite artisan crafts, and mouthwatering treats. With its welcoming ambiance and a steadfast commitment to supporting regional farmers and skilled artisans, the Truro Farmers Market offers a distinctive opportunity for both residents and visitors to engage with Cape Cod’s agricultural traditions and relish the flavors of the region. Beyond its abundant offerings, it serves as a gathering place for neighbors, fostering new friendships and nurturing a strong sense of community, making it an invaluable institution in the life of Truro.


Truro’s history is steeped in fascinating tales of exploration and providence. When the Pilgrims anchored temporarily in Provincetown Harbor, their exploration parties ventured into Truro, where they stumbled upon a cache of buried corn atop a hill. They gratefully helped themselves to this vital winter supply of the local native people, a pivotal boon that saw them through their challenging first winter on Cape Cod. Today, this historic locale is known as Corn Hill, commemorated by a plaque that tells the tale of providence and survival. In 1900, visionary Bostonians crafted a series of cottages on Corn Hill, creating a seaside resort that reveled in awe-inspiring views. Six of the original cottages still stand proudly, now part of a condo association, preserving a piece of Truro’s storied past.

ARTS in Truro, MA

Nestled amidst the serene dunes overlooking Cape Cod Bay, the Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill stands as a world-class nonprofit arts haven. For over 48 years, it has been a beacon of creativity, offering professional-level workshops in various artistic domains, including painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, writing, jewelry, and photography. Meanwhile, the nonprofit Payomet Performing Arts Center sets the stage for exceptional live music, theater, circus arts, and humanities performances. It gracefully unfolds its large tent at Highlands Center during the summer and showcases captivating events across venues from the mid-Cape to Provincetown throughout the year.

Culture in Truro, MA

The Highland House Museum, nestled within the walls of a former turn-of-the-20th-century summer resort hotel, invites you to embark on a journey through the annals of Truro’s history. Operated by the Truro Historical Society, this museum’s curated collection offers insight into the lives of Truro’s denizens across the centuries. Among its treasures are permanent exhibits spotlighting local Native peoples, the salt mill industry, and the significant Old Colony Railroad, which once boasted a vital depot in Truro. This historical treasure trove stands in the shadows of the iconic Highland Lighthouse, surrounded by the lush expanse of one of Cape Cod’s oldest and most picturesque golf courses, Highland Links. The Truro Public Library in North Truro is not just a repository of knowledge; it’s a sanctuary for learning with its lofty ceilings, an inviting outdoor reading patio, a charming children’s garden, and a vast collection of books catering to readers of all ages.


At the heart of Truro’s educational landscape stands the Truro Central School, providing a strong foundation in public education for students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. Post-graduation, students have the opportunity to further their academic journey at institutions like Nauset Middle School or the Provincetown International Baccalaureate Schools. High school scholars have options aplenty, with the choice to attend Nauset Regional High School in Eastham or explore their talents at the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School in Harwich.